I had several sessions with Scott over the course of a couple of months. The Emotion Code and the Body Code are amazing ways of working that have really helped me feel traction and harness new energy. Also, the work we did has helped me recover from an accident and I am feeling much better. Very impressive! ...  BC, Newburyport , MA

I will tell you that even after only a few days of having the heart wall removed, I’m experiencing something quite lovely—a deep connection to everything again. Simply put, its like a fog has lifted for me. I feel more clear, more joyful, much more hopeful and, oddly enough, I can actually breathe more easily and deeply. Also, my relationships are becoming a bit easier and “breezier” as their seems to be a bit of a flow to them. And, ironically enough, money seems to be trickling in through small ways and isn’t as anxiety provoking it has been before. I know there’s still some work to be done, but I wanted to share this with you as a testimony to the work you do and to affirm that what you are doing for others is indeed profound….LKK, Loudon, NH

Working with Peter Scott is like working with a modern day Shaman. He is patient, kind, understanding, thoughtful, a good listener, an experienced healer, and has a sense of humor. Emotional and Body Code systems are precise effective tools. It is easy to receive, Peter Scott does all the work! Deep healing happens as triggers are released at the core. He connects, tests, and clears, blocks, negative energies, trapped emotions, dis-ease, and more, using the systems' thoroughly created charts to pinpoint trauma in the body. Either in person or on the phone, sessions are quick and worthwhile. Please, take this step to help heal YOU, which ripples out to those you love and to the world! …DH, Barrington, NH

I received wonderful healing results each time I had an Emotion Code session with Peter Scott Stringham. I left each session with less pain, a shift in perspective and a greater peace of mind. Scott is a gifted, skilled and magnetic practitioner of the Emotion Code technique. He has a natural gift for connecting to universal energy to restore balance and harmony….CML, Haverhill, MA

I have known Scott Stringham for more than twenty years and am familiar with his extensive work helping others through the Law of Attraction, as an author, as a generous and caring individual and now as a practitioner of the Emotion Code. Anxiety, depression and low self esteem have been part of my life since adolescence. Through just a few sessions, I feel a renewed sense of self confidence, calm and happiness in myself. I can wholeheartedly recommend Scott for this wonderful program and am excited to know that he will be able to help others in this easy, completely non-invasive method of healing…..JM, Rochester, NH