Energy and Abundance

I have worked for others, I have owned and run a company staffed by others and I have worked alone at various enterprises. The thing they all have in common is that somehow I got paid money no matter what the format of my employment. I provided services with my time, expertise, energy and communication skills and in return I would receive a quantity of money equal to what I provided. I have been taught that money is energy, just a symbol of exchanging. And since energy cannot be either created or destroyed, I must have created a quantity of units of energy equal to the energy units of the money I received in return.

So in order to make more money, all I have to do is supply more units of energy to a source that wants them or wants to use them. There are only two ways to do this. I can either work more hours or be more productive in the hours I am working. As I actually prefer to work less hours and make more money, let’s focus on this second option, being more productive. There are many ways to do this, including having other people perform tasks for you. utilizing technology/process improvements, gathering information so as to learn how to be more productive, inspiring others to invest or otherwise support you, and onwards.

Another way to boost energy so that it can be returned in the form of money is by tapping in to one’s personal reservoir of energy. There is an almost unlimited reservoir of energy within us. Og Mandino wrote in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” that we all have enough energy within us to level the largest city, and then rebuild it again. Albert Einstein and his contemporaries mathematically quantified the energy within atoms, enough to cause mammoth nuclear explosions. Do we have access to this same energy?

Yes we do, and mankind is only in the early stages of harnessing and utilizing this energy for the good of all. The Body Code work is the best modality I have found so far to uncover and release the blocks to this energy. Energetic blockages and imbalances are identified and corrected. Financial goals are defined. The new found energy is focused onto the clear, concise goals. And viola, as energy is released, increased amounts of money begin to flow. This is the essence of the “Abundance and Wealth Three Month Coaching Series” I created with the help of Discover Healing. It is simple to use and many have benefited from this system around the world.

I am embarking with using this system on paid clients for the first time this year. And I continue to apply the system to myself. Let’s see what happens over the next year as testimonials come in. We have a lovely community of professionals forming who are applying the system to their financial lives now. If you would like to be interviewed to be accepted into the group, you can comment below or just contact me. This will be a good time to get your questions answered as well.

Or if you want to apply the Five Second Rule and just commit now, click here: Now that would be outrageous.

Let’s energize your abundance together.

Treating? ALS

I went to visit my sister last week. Her husband was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) less than two years ago. He is now wheelchair bound, his speech is slurred, and he can no longer even stand without assistance. Of course I wanted to heal him, to help him anyway I could. I call myself a healer, but I am really not one. Energy work like what I do is not about healing someone through some magical power or learned skill that I have. This is about helping my friend to heal himself. The body has great wisdom. When things go wrong, the body will send us messages in the form of “symptoms,” uncomfortable states that will instruct us as to what we need to do next. I choose to call ALS a symptom. Something is seriously wrong with my sister’s husband’s body. The symptom in this case is that the nerves in his body are dying. As they die, bodily functions stop working correctly. I haven’t read a word from the medical community about what causes this symptom. So I will let the doctors continue with their research into what they can do to suppress the symptom (aka Find a cure). I hope they succeed.

In the meantime, I will search for the cause with what little I know. So far I know that his brain is not communicating with the organs and glands in his body. I know that all seven of his chakras, that distribute the energies of the body, are misaligned. I know that his body pH is skewed toward the acidic side. And I know that the magnetic field surrounding his body has something wrong with it.

So what is causing all that? I keep going down the rabbit hole as I look for the causes of the causes. I will keep it up. It seems to be my calling right now. This situation is what inspired me to go forward with Body Code Certification, which I will be completing this month.

Wish me luck. Or better, pray with me for healing for this wonderful man. I will be providing updates on this blog.

Time to Go Pro

On May 23, 2019, I went pro.  Left the “day job” and stepped forward to become a healer full time.  I had tried this once before with mixed success.  I have learned a lot since then.  Here are some tips for anyone with a dream of going pro:

1.    It’s not about the money.  If you do something that really excites you, the money will come.  When I chose a business that I thought would get me rich, I failed.  I am now doing something I love and I get contacted every week by strangers who want to learn about what I do.

2.    Failure is a difficult thing, but it is essential for long term success.  As former IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson said “, If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”  I had my first business failure in 1988.  I let it eat me alive for many years.  If I had just embraced that failure as an essential step on my road to success, things would have been much different in the decades that followed.

3.    Structure my time.  Have clear monthly and yearly goals.  Take time every Sunday night to plan out the week.  Schedule key tasks and treat them like a dentist appointment.  When you have a dentist appointment, you show up on time.  If a distraction occurs, you set it aside so you can make it to your appointment.  Today, I put it in my calendar to finish this blog post at 1:00pm.  I am now not answering my phone or checking email or paying any attention to my phone pinging away.  If I were at the dentist, I would not be answering any of those things because I would be reclined on a chair with someone’s hands in my mouth.  Treat your daily tasks the same way: schedule them and then stick to the schedule no matter what.

4.    Connect with people.  For who I am and what I do, connecting is more important than anything.  In person contact, phone calls and hand written cards are great ways to connect.  Tweets, email marketing and advertising are useful, but they are not the core of my business. 

5.    Always be improving- Take classes, listen to audios in the car, read out of a real book every day.  This will make a huge difference.

6.    Work incredibly hard.  Chances are you are in a competitive industry where others are working hard to attract the same business you are.  You have to work harder.  I take one day a week to rest and recuperate but am working the rest of the week. It’s no problem for me.  I am doing something I really love.  I have a clear business goal for this year that I know I have to work to achieve.  But when I track my numbers every day, every week and every month and I see improvement, it’s totally awesome.  And I know all along that I would not achieve this goal while holding down a day job, so when it felt right, I let it go.  Now the pressure’s on and I am going for it with joy in my heart. 

Now get out there and go pro!

Cell phone toxicity is real.

About half the clients I serve with the Body Code end up having cell phone toxicity as a contributing factor to any misalignment they may have. For example, one client, Franco, let me know during a session that he had been feeling back pain for several months. He tried chiropractic care, which gave him temporary relief, but the pain would always come back within two days. I checked him with the Body Code and discovered EMF/Cellphone toxicity. I asked him if he used blue tooth ear buds, He said, yes, quite a bit. I then cleared the imbalance the radiation was creating and asked him to walk across the room and back and to tell me if he felt anything different. He put down the phone and walked for about 20 seconds, All of a sudden I heard a shout in the distance “, No way!” His pain was gone, It hadn’t even been a minute. The best news of all is that , as of this writing, his pain has been gone for over two months.

So here’s my advice: 1. If you use blue tooth ear buds, got back to wired ones or headphones. Or just use the speaker on your phone; 2. It’s good to have something on or around your cell phone to block radiation. I have a special one inch diameter stone stuck to the back of mine.; 3. Get yourself checked for EMF/Cell phone toxicity by someone who knows what they are doing. If you are clean, have it checked in a year. If you are not, be checked monthly until you are clear three months in a row, then go to once a year. Remember, you may have an underlying imbalance contributing to your cell phone toxicity, so further treatment may be needed.

Would you like me to check you out for free? Go to my scheduling site, and sign up for a session. Use the coupon code EMF19 and your session will be free. The appointment will take five to ten minutes. Offer expires 5/31/19.

ps- the client’s name really isn’t Franco. It’s Chris (oops)